Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cheverus College Fair

Check out what Colby's college rep had to say about our 2007 Fair. High praise, indeed!

"I just returned from an evening college fair at Cheverus High School in Portland. As fairs go, it was one of the best, not in terms of adding a huge quantity of prospective students to our mailing list, but very satisfying in the number and quality of the exchanges with parents and students. In addition to Cheverus, other area high schools were represented, and I was left with the very pleasant impression that the students and families were excited and a little anxious about the whole college process. Clearly absent was an excess of undue anxiety, jockeying for position, “helicopter parents,” and other frantic indicators of the frenzy that applying to college has become in many places. The gym was full of tables with college representatives from around the U.S. and Canada, but there was plenty of space for people to make their way along the aisles, and each college had its own full table – the luxury of space! Comments made from both sides of the table were easily heard, and the questions were good ones. In general, I was reminded once again that living in Maine has many rewards, one of which is a relatively sane approach to life. I talked with students interested in sciences, international pursuits, various approaches to economics, and lots of genuine “undecideds,” in addition to hockey players, community volunteers, outdoor enthusiasts, theater denizens and a smattering of tech-types. It was good to see earnest, honest juniors beginning the search for the right fit, whether it might be Colby or any one of the tremendous number of choices available: a pleasant evening indeed."

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