Sunday, October 16, 2011

Admission: UMaine Orono

Based on meetings at UMO and last year's admission stats for Cheverus. Information also obtained from conversations with admissions reps while at Cheverus interviewing senior applicants. (updated Feb 2013)

UMO is looking for a B average and 500 on each section of the SAT. However, in some cases they will go lower on GPA or SAT but usually not both. In the past, Cheverus applicants with a 2.4 GPA have been accepted. Their ACT average was 19-25. A couple direct quotes from 2010:  "We don't like Ds on any transcript. They may not be prepared for college." and "Engineering applicants should have Bs in math. Education majors must have 1000 CR+Math SAT. Communications majors should have a B average and 1010 CR+Math SAT."

You should apply by December 15, the EA deadline. Scholarships and merit money go first to accepted students who applied by Dec 15.  Merit money is tied to GPA and SAT scores and the highest amount is tied to class rank. December SAT scores don't count for scholarship consideration, so take them in Oct or Nov at the latest.

you really need to be beyond Algebra II in senior year. The only majors that will accept you with Algebra II as a senior are arts & sciences and education.

cut off numbers for TOEFL: 530, 197, 71

Don't blow it once you are accepted. Each year, UMO sends "rescind letters" that take away their admit decision. Usually it's because your grades have deteriorated dramatically, or because you are failing a course you need for admission like Algebra II.  In 2009, 2 Cheverus seniors received letters stating that their math grades needed to come up, or the admission would be rescinded. UMO was a reach school for them, and the only college to which one of them was accepted. Both seniors worked very hard, harder than ever, to raise their math grades. Since there are many more applicants than there are spots, colleges can be choosy! Senior slide is not an option for college-bound seniors.

Nursing and engineering spots fill quicker than any other major. For engineering, you'll have to take physics senior year and have a strong senior year schedule. "Five academic solids" is the definition of a strong senior year schedule: math, science, English, history and foreign language.

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