Friday, May 30, 2014

Admission: USM

University of Southern Maine

When I grew up in Massachusetts, no one wanted to attend the university next door, U Lowell. We looked down on it and went to school elsewhere. I see it is the same in every state! Cheverus students think UNH is great and would prefer not to attend USM.

Students who used to view USM as their safety school are now seeing it for what it is: a local university with great programs looking for B students and 500 SAT scores.
  • CR SAT of 550 and 480 Math SAT are required to "meet proficiency". If you do not have these SAT scores, you have to take a placement exam to see which English and Math classes are best for you. USM is looking for a B student (3.0) in academic subjects (English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Science). In the past, USM has accepted C+/C Cheverus applicants.
  • Want to be a business major? You'll need to have 4 years of Math and take a course beyond Algebra II (stats or precalc) senior year to be admitted to the business program. How about Sport Management
  • Want to be a nursing major? Better have 550 CR SAT and 550 Math SAT and an A-/B+ gpa. You could be accepted as a "nursing candidate" meaning your grades and SAT scores were not acceptable for the nursing program, but you can take the same classes as nursing majors, prove yourself with a B average and apply again to the nursing program. However, there are no guarantees that you can transfer into the nursing major.
  • USM has a conditional acceptance program called GO (goals and opportunity?). If you do not meet the criteria for regular acceptance this program can help.
  • Denied admission? Take heart: USM provides a "course of action" that you can follow and if successful you may gain entrance into one of their degree programs. Example, if you were denied to the business program your "course of action" may be to take 4 college classes with nothing below a C and then reapply to USM and stand a very good chance of admission. Or, you can take courses at USM without enrolling in a major: as an unmatriculated student.
  • Good news for those of you who did well in high school: if you have 1050 SATs (math and cr) and an A- you may be invited to join the Honors Program which is accompanied by preferred housing on campus & smaller classes. In 2011, a couple new scholarships were introduced for top students.
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