Sunday, October 16, 2011

Space Available, even after May 1

Even if you decide late in senior year to attend college, there are places for you! Check out this site for a database of colleges that have space available even after the May 1 deposit date:

NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) has a database organized by state. For example, in May 2010, Drew University and College of Mt St Vincent still had openings for qualified applicants. (do a search for Space Availability)

What if you decide in March that you want to apply to more colleges? US News and World Report magazine has a list of colleges that have later than usual deadlines: March 1 or later, often into the summer. Some nearby colleges of interest: Keene State and Plymouth State (NH) have April 1 deadline; Marietta (OH) has a 4/15 deadline. USM takes applications into the summer because some majors do not fill.

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