Tuesday, October 4, 2016

9th & 10th grade college planning

A common question I get is "why don't you teach college advising classes to sophomores, or 1st semester junior year?"

There is a reason we don't begin College Advising class earlier than 2nd semester junior year. "Admissions creep" is a recent phenomenon that we like to avoid. In the past decade, the college planning process moves earlier and earlier, eating away at student's time and energy. While they should be exploring their interests and trying out new things, our society pushes them to visit campuses earlier, and to take the SAT and ACT in early junior year. 

We disagree. 

There is a time to begin the college planning process, and it is not sophomore year. Developmentally, students are not ready to think about their life after high school. Academically, they are not prepared to take the SAT or ACT until the middle or end of junior year (at least have Algebra II completed!) The test is designed that way. Cheverus initiates the formal college advising process to closely accompany 2nd semester juniors and seniors through the complicated time of college planning and the application process.

Are you anxious to get started even if you're not a junior? Three things you can be doing right now: 

*do well in your classes because grades are the #1 factor in college admissions 
*explore what you might like to do or not like to do in the future
*take this college quiz http://www.forbes.com/top-college-quiz/ or login to your Naviance account to explore majors and take assessments

Questions? Talk to your Guidance Counselor (Mrs Webster or Mrs Caron). They are the experts! Make sure you get to know them freshman and sophomore year, and they want to get to know you too. Once you become a 2nd semester junior, you still have your Guidance Counselor in addition to Ms Coddaire, to help you with your future plans.

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