Thursday, November 17, 2011

Summer Plans?

What are your summer plans? Colleges are interested in how you are spending your summers. They don't rank "working" lower on the list than "a trip to Paris". In fact, they don't rank summer plans at all, but expect that you do something. Colleges learn a lot about you as a person by how you spend your free time. 

Consider this: 
Student A volunteers at an animal shelter in the summer. 
Student B works part time at an elderly care facility. 
Student C lounges by the pool. 
Student D plays in a rec league. 
Which students make the better applicants? What can you learn about each student by how they chose to spend their summer? What assumptions can the college make about these students, students they've never met?

If you are looking for an educational activity in your summer, consider learning a language, taking a summer course on any college campus, or teaching yourself a skill. Click here to see the list of summer opportunities that are sent to Cheverus..

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