Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Admission: Holy Cross

Holy Cross information session at Cheverus, updated 2016

Three major things you need to know about Holy Cross:
They are a "demonstrated interest" college. You must visit, decide if Holy Cross is for you, and interview on campus. They much prefer applicants who have spent time on campus. They keep track of these contacts to determine your interest level in Holy Cross. 'Stealth applicants' are becoming popular: seniors who have never been to campus. How serious can that applicant possibly be? Check out their extensive visit schedule and get to Worcester!

Financial aid is need-based, not merit money. The FAFSA and CSS Profile are the required forms. Holy Cross is need blind in admissions, meaning your ability to pay (or not) does not affect the decision to admit you. They meet 100% of need. Check out their financial aid pages here.

A's in Honors and AP courses make for a strong applicant. Holy Cross is SAT optional, and have always placed the most emphasis on grades and rigorous course work. Cheverus students who enroll in Holy Cross comment that the classes are harder than they thought. It is an academically demanding place.
Other things to know about Holy Cross:
  • The student athlete is a student first, even though Holy Cross is D1 in the Patriot League. (Contact a coach if you wish to learn more)
  • 90% of students live on campus. An 11th residence hall is under construction.
  • Class Size: none are over 50.
  • Type of College: undergraduate only. Jesuit. Liberal Arts.
  • More Holy Cross graduates sign up for Jesuit Volunteer Corps than graduates from any other Jesuit college or university!
  • 25% of graduates go on to law school or med school right away. (You cannot apply for an MBA without a bachelor's degree followed by 3 yrs work experience) Many go back to college eventually for an advanced degree.
An interesting interactive feature in the New York Times about how Holy Cross reads your transcript: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/11/30/education/20091130choiceStudentCard.html

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