Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Grades Count!

What? My college wants to see my 2nd semester senior year grades? They already accepted me! Can they un-accept me?!

On May 1, you will accept one offer of admission. You will likely deposit upwards of $1,000 to secure your seat in the freshman class. The last item Cheverus sends out is your final transcript with your date of graduation. Cheverus send them out the day after graduation to the one college you committed to.
Colleges reserve the right to rescind the offer of admission if one of two things happen:
  1. your grades decline dramatically 2nd semester senior year
  2. you did not graduate
Here's an example of the language used in admission letters:

"A student's final acceptance is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the student's secondary school program.  We will also be reviewing senior grades to ensure that the student has maintained academic focus through completion of the high school career.  If there have been any significant changes in the senior schedule or academic performance, we must be notified immediately."

There is no senior slide for College-bound seniors!

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