Friday, November 19, 2010

Application Tips

Great article in Forbes magazine about college applications and the mistakes you want to avoid. Also, good advice on interviewing, demonstrated interest in the college(s), and the role parents should play.

Middlebury College in Vermont has a great page on their admissions site entitled "Top Ten Ways to Enjoy the College Application Process".
Among their tips:
  • you shouldn't apply to 15 colleges! (good thing! who has the time to do that?)
  • breathe're going to college!
Here's a link to the Tips page:
Great tips from a collection of admission reps. A sampling:
  • don't apply to 20 colleges (sound familiar?)
  • be yourself: your 17-year-old self is what they expect
Source: Boston Globe 1/15/08 Applying for College: Be Authentic, not Bizarre
What not to send in with your application
"College hopefuls try the creative approach, but gimmicks rarely work"
Clip: "The ultimate question is, 'Does this help the student get in?' " said Debra Shaver, Smith College director of admission. "And the answer is no. It certainly entertains the staff, but it doesn't help the student get in."
Read the whole article here, with examples of humorous items that applicants send to colleges:
Source: Boston Globe 1/15/08
More 'what not to do' advice

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