Saturday, April 21, 2007

“The College Finder” book

"The College Finder: Choosing the School That's Right for You" by Steven Antonoff, former Dean of Admissions at Univ of Denver, he now teaches for UCLA's Extension program for college counselors.

Great book!
Every time I pick it up I see something new. It is essentially a book of lists. I've sent at least 10 juniors a page or two from this book depending on their preferences for a major or type of school. Examples of lists:

  • schools with a business degree focused on entrepreneurs;

  • great business schools;

  • unusual degrees (equestrian; sound recording; gerontology);

  • good college wrestling programs;

  • astrophysics majors should check out these schools;

  • great education at a good price / value;

  • Christian colleges;

  • colleges where volunteerism is the norm;

  • colleges for those with a free spirit.
One note of caution: The book was last updated in 2008. Skip the first few pages because they are out of date: selective schools are now super-selective, easy schools are now harder to get into. The rest of the book has information that is more stable: which schools have good marching band programs, great school newspapers, cheap tuition, strong study abroad programs, good soccer teams.

It is my hope that students will consider colleges they never heard of before. If all students keep applying to the same 25 "hot" schools, no wonder selectivity goes up. I want students to find the school that is the right fit for them, and it's a challenge getting them to consider a school they've never heard of!

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