Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ivy League

"Winning admission to an elite school is imagined to be a golden passport to success; for bright students, failing to do so is seen as a major life setback."

Isn't that a sad sentiment? Too many students feel pressure to get into the "brand name" college. The quote comes from a 2004 article "Who Needs Harvard?" and the advice is still relevant today. Read the article here.

My hope is for students to go to a GOOD college, not necessarily an ELITE college. How do you define GOOD? Here's what I've heard from Cheverus graduates about their colleges:
  • it's in or near the city I love
  • I felt like it was my new home
  • people like me were on campus
  • it had my major
  • the price is right
  • it was just the right size
  • my siblings went there and I know I like it for me
  • I know I can be sucessful there
  • their graduates get jobs
  • I can go to med school after
  • good reputation
"...a large number of colleges and universities can now provide students with an excellent education, sending them onward to healthy incomes and appealing careers. Harvard is marvelous, but you don't have to go there to get your foot in the door of life."

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