Saturday, April 14, 2018

UMass Lowell campus visit April 2018

I took a tour of the 3 campuses that make up UMass Lowell: north, south and east. North & south are just across the river from one another, and the east campus is a quick shuttle drive away. Many students live on east campus and have classes on north or south.

Many new buildings in the past 10 years, lots of investment on campus. If you have not been there in a few years, you will find updated, cutting edge facilities.
One of 2 universities with a particle accelerator and nuclear reactor on campus (MIT is the other).
Music, business and engineering are the signature programs at UMass Lowell.

Generous scholarships for out of state students with an A- and strong SAT or ACT scores. They are test optional in admissions.
Students who like an urban campus and city life would like UMass Lowell. The east campus is a traditional residential setting that does not feel urban at all. On a hill overlooking the Merrimack River, the res halls and ball fields resemble other typical college settings.
Their stats are on the rise: 87% of students return sophomore year, and 87% of freshmen live on campus. They used to be more of a commuter school for Massachusetts students but have expanded their reach and become more residential.
Like many universities, research is big. We toured many buildings where research centers were busy with students and professors. One such project was the Baseball Research Center! Yes, they test out balls and bats.

a mix of older architecture and newer buildings

the business building, lots of natural light

a view from an engineering building toward the (blue) ball fields

for real! baseball research center

I noticed lots of spaces for students to meet in small or large groups to work together

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